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Where the word perfection isn't enough

We built the Villa at Cavalli Estates with one word in mind: craftsmanship. From the intricate landscaping to the modern finishes, the Villa is designed to be your home away from home.
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Historic living

In Cavalli Estates' heart, the Ranchhouse offers rustic charm and timeless apeal. Ideal for families, it promises a genuine farm experience.
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Endless fields
Walk through one of America's largest lavender farms, located directly on the property.
Where the night sky shines brightest
Take advantage of our bungalows for your next picnic.
An Equestrian's Playground
Mount up and embark on an unparalleled journey through an equestrian's dream.
Bring the entire family together
The perfect place for all generations of your family line!

Events for everybody

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Nature events

Take advantage of California’s perfect climate

Immerse yourself in our nature-inspired events, harnessing the serenity and beauty of the great outdoors. Discover and celebrate in nature's most perfect settings.
group events

Bring together friends and family from all over

Host memorable group events in a welcoming space, uniting friends and family from every corner. Let bonds grow stronger as distances become smaller.
private dining

Experience a world-class farm to table experience

Indulge in an intimate dining setting while savoring a world-class farm-to-table experience. Delight in fresh, locally-sourced ingredients crafted into culinary masterpieces.

About us

Our story
family ties

Owned and run by locals

Long time San Luis Obispo residents, Gio and Lisa, started Cavalli Estates in 2021 with the goal of building a place for people from all over to gather and partake in the beautiful country side.

Designed with community in mind

With over 70 acres on the property, Cavalli has more than enough space to host your entire community. From intimate vacations to entire family line reunions, Cavalli has the experience and expertise to accommodate your needs for your trip.

Featured Story


Cavalli Lavender Harvest

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and adjacent to lush vineyards, Cavalli presents the Lavender Harvest—a celebration of nature's elegance and the region's rich heritage. This year, our expansive estate was awash with the serene beauty of over 70 acres of blooming lavender fields. Attendees had the unique opportunity to meander through these fields, feeling the gentle touch of lavender blossoms and indulging in the calming aroma. At Cavalli, it's not just about luxury; it's about experiencing the authentic charm of the region. Join us next season and be part of this exquisite journey.