The Best Airbnbs in San Luis Obispo: Cavalli Estates and Other Top Airbnbs


Cavalli Estates

May 1, 2024

Feel at home in San Luis Obispo with Cavalli Estates—and more.

Cavalli Estates: Nature’s Luxurious Retreat

Imagine a haven where nature's serenity, luxury's touch, and the warmth of home come together, crafting timeless memories and heartfelt experiences.

We're delighted to say that such a place exists, and it's nestled right here at Cavalli Estates.

Nestled on 70 acres of land within San Luis Obispo, the Villa at Cavalli Estates is perfect for family and group special occasions.

Located amidst one of North America's most expansive lavender farms, our estate presents unparalleled vistas, with the majestic expanse of world-class vineyards on the horizon. A mere 5 miles away awaits the shimmering allure of Pismo Beach and the vibrant pulse of San Luis Obispo's lively heart.

Every nuance, from the intoxicating aroma of lavender to the picturesque vineyards, paints a canvas of tranquility and charm that is quintessentially San Luis Obispo.

With two heartfully curated properties listed on Airbnb (and more on the way!), Cavalli Estates is our labor of love and dedication. Born from countless cherished moments and stories of our own, we've created a haven for you to make your own memories. Whether it's a romantic escape, a family meal that sparks a new tradition, or a quiet morning wrapped in the scent of blooming lavender, we warmly invite you to weave your own stories into the tapestry of Cavalli Estates.

Excited to see what we’ve got in store for you?

Let’s get started.

The Ranchhouse

Rustic charm meets modern comfort at the Ranchhouse. This serene property is more than just a place to rest; it’s a portal to a refreshing, tranquil world where every day brings a gentle whisper of nature's beauty.

The Cavalli Villa warmly invites you to stay in the heart of San Luis Obispo wine country and horse country.

Inside, the residence is a haven of luxury. Spacious living areas boast room-darkening shades, ensuring uninterrupted repose on plush cotton linens. Entertainment is varied and rich, from an HDTV equipped with premium streaming services, a piano, and a curated collection of books, to a lively pool table. The gourmet kitchen outfitted with a stainless steel gas stove and a range of modern appliances, invites culinary exploration, while outdoors, a private patio with a BBQ grill awaits, overlooking the property's lush expanse.

Master Bedroom with a California King.

With additional gathering spaces and amenities like a private hot tub and an entertainment-loaded game room, The Ranchhouse is the ideal haven for larger groups, comfortably accommodating 16+ guests.

Read one of our favorite guest reviews of The Ranchhouse below:

“I've stayed in quite a few vacation homes and I can honestly say Cavalli Estate is far and away THE BEST. The property takes your breath away, the accommodations are luxurious and ultra comfortable, and the owners and management take so much care in making sure everything about your stay is perfect - our group of 10 had an absolutely magical experience! The property is stunning. The photos are a very good representation, though they don't fully convey the tranquility and beauty that surrounds you. The views of vineyards, lavender fields, mountains, horses and farms are gorgeous from every part of the property and there are so many sitting areas, vistas, decks, fire pits, etc. that you can enjoy a different view and experience every time you go outside. We really enjoyed doing exercises by the barn, taking leisurely strolls around the property, and having dinner under the stars. The house is luxurious, impeccably designed and great for a large group (it could have easily accommodated a much larger group). So comfortable, so many different spaces to gather together and spread out, and high end luxurious features in every room (felt like I was sleeping on a cloud!) The game room was particularly fun with pool table, poker table, chess, music and TV. What makes Cavalli truly special is their team. You can tell what a work of love this property is and how much they care about their guests. They were flexible, responsive to our special requests, and a delight to work with.”

Mollie, September 2022

Experience pure serenity in SLO at The Ranchhouse on Airbnb.

The Villa

If The Ranchhouse is all booked up, don’t worry; we have another gem of a property that's every bit as magnificent, waiting to welcome you.

Introducing The Villa.

Despite its recent addition to our Airbnb profile, it rivals the magnificence of The Ranchhouse. Boasting a similar level of grandeur and a plethora of amenities, The Villa offers the same fabulous amenities that The Ranchhouse is revered for.

When you book The Villa, you're not just securing a place to stay; you're unlocking an experience replete with comfort, luxury, and the picturesque beauty that Cavalli Estates promises.

Listing image 28

Here, each morning welcomes you with rays of sunshine filtering through the lush greenery that envelops this abode of elegance.

Listing image 4

Discover modern luxury in SLO at The Villa on Airbnb.

Cavalli Estates’ Fabulous Amenities

Our Tuscan-inspired Cavalli Estates, envisioned by husband-and-wife, Gio and Lisa in 2021, is one of, if not the most luxurious, retreats in San Luis Obispo.

Their goal was to create a haven where people could revel in the countryside's beauty while enjoying intimate vacations or grand family reunions.

With over 100 acres on the property, Cavalli has more than enough space for all the amenities you could ever dream of to make your stay the most memorable of all.

Lucky you—here’s a sneak peek at some of them!

Our historic barn is at the center of the property, flanked by the steel treehouse and pond—perfect for large group gatherings.

Treat yourself to an intimate dining setting while savoring a world-class farm-to-table experience at our unique steel treehouse.

Grab your fishing pole and relax on our lounge chairs by the pond. The pond is bustling with fish, birds, frogs, and more. And did we mention that it’s one of the perfect spots to watch a stunning sunset? 

Take in the breathtaking views of all the world-class San Luis Obispo vineyards and farms that surround our property.

Lose yourself in the intoxicating fragrance of lavenders as you wander through our expansive 40-acre lavender field.

Our commitment to nature and community shines brightly in every nook and cranny. No matter how far you've traveled, here, you'll always find a place where you belong. Let us share our cherished sanctuary with you, where every stay feels like coming home.

We’re thrilled to let you know that both properties are listed on Airbnb, making the beauty and comfort of Cavalli Estates accessible to wanderers all over the world who wish to seek the best of San Luis Obispo.

Other SLO Airbnbs Worth a Peek

We know the demand for a slice of this paradise can sometimes exceed the supply. That’s why if you find both The Ranchhouse and The Villa all booked up, here are some of our friends at SLO who promise a warm and delightful stay! We made sure you’d find something for every group size and budget.

Keep reading to discover more of the best Airbnbs in San Luis Obispo.

Stylish Lofted Townhouse in Downtown SLO

Group size: 2 guests
Starts at $488 for a 2-night minimum stay

Photo via Airbnb

This chic lofted townhouse is the epitome of downtown luxury, crafted for those who crave a blend of sophistication and urban vibrancy.

Every nook of this townhouse reflects meticulous design: from the bedroom's enchanting electric fireplace, the plush feather-topped bed draped in lavish linens, to the serene garden-inspired patio, a testament to elevated living. Rich design elements fuse with modern amenities, creating an ambiance akin to a 5-star retreat. The living space, adorned with plush robes and state-of-the-art tech, beckons guests to unwind in style.

With its proximity to SLO's bustling cultural hub, this loft offers the best of both worlds: an oasis of tranquility just a few blocks from the city's lively heart. Whether it's a romantic sojourn, a girls' weekend, or a business trip, our loft ensures a memorable stay for up to 4 guests, combining comfort, elegance, and a touch of SLO magic.

Take a closer look at this stylish lofted townhouse in Downtown SLO on Airbnb.

Historical Home with Cutting-Edge Technology in Downtown SLO

Group size: 4 guests
Starts at $548

Photo via Airbnb

Delve into history at this 2-bedroom railroad house in downtown SLO. Every corner of this +125-year-old gem radiates vintage charm, from its 11-foot tall ceilings to its modern kitchen. The Master bedroom boasts a luxurious Purple mattress, while the guest room offers versatility with its daybed trundle combo.

The fusion of historic allure and modern amenities is seamless. Revel in an expansive contemporary kitchen, and as evening falls, gather in the backyard under bistro lights, with a fire pit setting the mood. Beyond the comforts of the house, the heart of downtown SLO is a mere 7-minute walk away, teeming with boutique shops and eateries. With the railroad center, renowned coffee shop, and four delectable restaurants nearby, convenience is unparalleled.

Take a closer look at this historical home with cutting-edge technology in Downtown SLO on Airbnb.

Private, Modern, Music-Inspired Home

Group size: 4 guests
Starts at $557

Photo via Airbnb

Perfectly situated just a mile from the historical heart of downtown SLO, this home is designed for both work and leisure travellers. It's the ideal haven for those seeking a blend of comfort and style.

The home's contemporary flair is evident in its design, equipped with a functional kitchenette, memory foam queen beds, and an inviting living space adorned with musical inspirations. TVs in every room and thoughtful touches like a record player and board games further elevate the experience.

With two private bedrooms, this space is primed for relaxation and rejuvenation, offering guests a slice of modern luxury amidst the charm of SLO.

Take a closer look at this private, modern, music-inspired home on Airbnb.

Sanctuary at Sunset Ridge

Group size: 6 guests
Starts at $2,037 for a 3-night minimum stay

Photo via Airbnb

Revel in peace, privacy, and magnificent panoramic views from this sanctuary, a mere 15 minutes from downtown and idyllic beaches. Perfect for nature enthusiasts and those seeking serenity without sacrificing proximity to local attractions.

This property's design brilliance is evident in its modern architecture, featuring floor-to-ceiling glass across every room, seamlessly integrating the vast outdoors. Positioned on 40 ocean-view acres, it offers a visual treat at every corner, epitomizing modern elegance and simplicity.

Boasting expansive deck access from each room, it's an inviting retreat, ensuring a serene experience amidst the bounty of nature, comfortably hosting up to 6 hosting guests.

Take a closer look at this sanctuary with panoramic ocean views on Airbnb.

Fabulous Spanish Home in Downtown Avila Beach

Group size: 8 guests
Starts at $1,373 for a 2-night minimum stay

Photo via Airbnb

This fabulous modern Spanish home is perfect for beach lovers who are looking for a cozy abode just minutes away from the pristine shores of Avila Beach.

This property’s architectural finesse shines through its open-plan layout, showcasing a striking fireplace, a gourmet kitchen under a vaulted ceiling with skylights, and warm wooden flooring embodying Modern Spanish elegance.

With two inviting bedrooms and extra sleeping spaces in the great room, it's a welcoming spot for family and friends, comfortably accommodating up to 8 guests.

Take a closer look at this fabulous Spanish home in Downtown Avila Beach on Airbnb.

Graceful Victorian Ranch Estate in SLO

Group size: 10 guests
Starts at: $3,291 for a 3-night minimum stay

Photo via Airbnb

Embark on a serene retreat at Parker's Place Ranch, a Victorian estate gracefully seated amidst the scenic allure of San Luis Obispo. Merely minutes away from the bustling downtown and tranquil beaches, this distinct haven comfortably houses up to 10 guests.

As you traverse inside, a modern, well-appointed kitchen calls out for culinary escapades, while the neighboring dining hall lays the canvas for cherished mealtime memories. The inviting living room, festooned with a smart TV and a cozy fireplace, stands as your sanctuary for leisure and amusement.

The estate unveils three distinct ensuite bedrooms, each a blend of comfort and elegance. The master suite, housing a king bed and a queen sleeper sofa leads you to a soothing outdoor hot tub, setting the scene for starlit relaxation.

Take a closer look at this graceful Victorian ranch estate in SLO on Airbnb.

Be Our Guest at Cavalli Estates

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of what awaits you in San Luis Obispo, it’s time to make the choice for an unforgettable stay.

At Cavalli Estates, we offer more than just a place to rest; we provide a home where memories are crafted against a backdrop of nature’s grand tapestry.

Book your stay at The Ranchhouse or The Villa on Airbnb and step into a world where every moment is a treasure.

Our doors are always open to welcome you into a haven of peace, luxury, and warmth–only here at Cavalli Estates.

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